Boarding Kennels

To be eligible to stay with us all our guests must have a current C5 vaccination, and their vaccination card must be presented for each stay. This is a legal requirement which protects your pet, along with our other guests. We also request that all our guests are flea and worm free, and that this treatment is up to date.

Eastside Boarding Kennels has 64 purpose built kennels attached to grassed exercise yards.

Our kennels are split into two separate dwellings – one for smaller dogs and the other for the larger breeds. This allows dogs who are intimidated by the larger breeds to feel safe and secure while here with us.

Our kennels are larger than the required standard specifications to give your dog that extra space. This also allows us to house your pets together should you wish.

All our kennels are insulated and our guests sleep behind partitioned walls on hessian Snooza beds – away from the wind, rain and sun. You are more than welcome to bring in your own special blankets or bedding to pop on their beds. You are also welcome to bring in their favourite toy, or something from home you think they would like to have on their holiday.

Our guests are housed individually and come out to play in our grassed exercise yard on their own (unless pets are from the same family, or there is consent from both parties). This allows all our dogs to freely enjoy their stay here and there isn’t any chance of altercations, or pets feeling intimidated. Our kennels are attached to grassed exercise yards which your pets access regularly throughout the day.

We feed our guests once a day with our standard diet of dry food and fresh pet mince, however if your dog has a specific dietary requirement you are welcome to bring this along. You are also welcome to bring in any treats, bones, etc. that your dog would normally have.

We generally feed our guest after our morning open hours. This gives the ‘grazers’ a chance to eat as they normally would, and also allows their food to settle prior to being collected during our afternoon open hours. However if your dog is fed twice daily this can also be arranged.

All dogs coming in during our afternoon open hours will be fed before the end of the day. All dogs being collected during our afternoon hours have been fed.

Medication can be administered should your dog require. This MUST be stated at time of booking to ensure we are able to accommodate, and additional charges can apply. Charges will be determined by the level of involvement required, please discuss details at time of booking.