Eastside Boarding Kennels (EBK) undertakes to provide proper care and attention to all the pet in their care.

It is a requirement that all pets are wormed, flea-free and vaccinated with the C5 vaccine prior to their stay. All current certificates must be sited for each stay.

The pet owner is wholly responsible for informing EBK of any conditions and special needs of their pet(s). EBK shall not be responsible for any damages incurred as a consequence of the pet owner not making full and frank disclosures.

In the event of a medical emergency EBK will contact the pet owner, if unavailable the ’emergency contact’ will be contacted and informed of situation.

If neither are available EBK will seek veterninarian advice as deemed necessary. We will also call your vet if there has been a past medical history.

Traralgon Veterinary Centre is our centre of choice – Dr John Plozza and/or Dr Garth Jackson.

The pet owner shall be wholly responsible and liable for any cost associated to seeking veterinary attention and hospital stays whilst in the care of EBK.

The pet owner hereby consents and agrees that EBK is to follow the professional advice of the veterinarian and that it will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred whilst following that advice.

Pet owners are responsible for informing EBK of changes to any contact details, pet requirements, etc.