New Kennels At Eastside Boarding Kennels

There’s been a lot of activity and a few changes in the last few months at Eastside Boarding Kennels…

Finally… our extensions are complete! After months of planning and coordinating, the hard work has finally paid off.

Thanks to our tradie friends who sacrificed weekends and put in many hours, our extensions were complete just in time for the September school holidays.

We now have an additional 14 kennels – 6 more at the ‘small dogs’, and 8 more at the ‘big dogs’.

All our new kennels are the same size as the existing kennels.

They are well above the required legal size and extra spacious to allow us to house family
pets together.

They look great, lovely and fresh with newly rolled lawns at the ‘bigs’.

We decided to concrete the new exercise yard at the small dogs, keeping in mind the wetter months. This will ensure clean dogs during inclement weather.

Not only are we able to accommodate more dogs during the peak periods, but most importantly it allows our dogs additional time out in the exercise yards.

We also have new bitumen on our driveway and parking area, so no more muddy walk ways!

Our ‘office’ area has had an update too, with our new resident Rusty waiting to welcome you.









If you haven’t already done so, come in for a look around, and meet our Rusty at the office.